Are You Happy? Truly Happy?

Do you have fun and laugh regularly?

Take a look in the mirror and be really honest with yourself, are you satisfied with your life?

You know deep down you are capable of more, much more in that creation tank?

You have a great job, you have a regular income coming in, and you can pay your bills…

But you can’t shake that feeling….

You hear the voice in the back of your mind saying Is this it?

Is feeling average enough for me?

You want to be able to show up powerfully everyday

You want to be confident

You want to have full control of your life!

This is exactly how I felt 5 years ago

My wife was fed up of me

I wasn’t being present at all, always distracted due to my job

My hobbies had disappeared as I was married to the job

I didn’t have time for my family

I didn’t have time for my friends

I felt stuck

I felt disempowered

No matter what I did, no matter how I pushed hard, I just couldn’t hit the nail on the head.

I was stressed and angry

I was giving my power away to the job

I was failing inside at being a man

So if you are feeling the same way I want you to know I’m with you…

I’ve been there!

But, I took action....

I took ownership and responsibility for my life and decided to change the way I felt once and for all!

Do you want that too?

I can help you realise your true potential and power, understand your true core values and heart centered happiness, whatever that is for you!

I help you look inside yourself, to become real about what you want, change and live your desired life

I show you exactly how you can do it.

For me I DECIDE how I live my life….

We all have different needs, wants and rules and YOU choose your life design

My clients mostly wish to:

Understand and engage their core values and set boundaries and intentions

Find their inner roar to be truly seen and heard

Find their true passion and purpose

Find what makes them happy

Breakthrough toxic confidence patterns

Breakthrough limiting beliefs around money and success

To unleash their true potential! 

I help you step into your true power, find your roar and get heart centered happy! 


Who is Fabio Mazzieri?

Peak Mental Performance Coach

A professional certified Life, Mindset, NLP and Subconscious Reprogramming Coach.

I am a also fully qualified and certified Business Coach and Core Asset Business Growth Mentor.

I am the only Male in the world trained in and practicing Dr Erin Fall Haskell's e4 Trauma™ Modality with my clients.

Introducing my Roaring Success™ Transformation Program

I help YOU smash Through Your Limiting Blocks, BE your authentic self and Unleash Your Power and ROAR!

Achieve transformation that will give you long lasting results in both your personal and professional life!

I will help you reach deep into your Subconscious Mind and clear out old limiting beliefs to allow you to create a SUCCESS mindset and take quantum leaps in your life.

I get you RESULTS.


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